Alchemy Consulting

Alchemy is an Organisation Development Consultancy which aims to help people and organisations to become the best they can be, so that, collectively we can co-create a more desireable and sustainable future.

We seek to support the systemic change that is emerging in our world today, to be deeply aware of and to engage with the great shift of perspective, consciousness; for ours is a time of profound transformation and change, of potential and opportunity to which we need to respond with humility and grace. 

Our work focusses on the capacity of individuals and teams to develop through connecting to the deepest levels of ourselves as relational and creative human beings. We seek to facilitate the building of sustainable community, helping organisations to take responsibility in ways which consider the environment, nature, and world-wide diverse societies. 

We bring 20 years of international professional experience with a range of people, businesses and organisations in Europe, the US, Africa, India, China and South America, and we look forward to collaborating with you.