We help leaders and managers to explore their leadership style, look ahead and plan their progression, look back and learn from their experiences, and understand how their present challenges fit with their needs, aspirations, values and the organisation’s goals. With our combination of organisational experience and psychological background, we are able to help individuals overcome habitual patterns enabling personal change.

When you come to us for coaching, we aim to:

  • provide a confidential environment in which you can reflect upon your purpose, direction and vision
  • offer you an opportunity to recognise your leadership style and its impact
  • enable some clearer thinking around how situations have come to be
  • help with gaining insights into ‘who’ and ‘how’ you are
  • enable the unpicking of assumptions, muddled thinking, difficult situations
  • enable better relationship building and communications
  • open up possibilities and choices
  • encourage ways forward for you to achieve desired results