Much of our work is about Leadership. 

Having designed and facilitated many Leadership Programmes and worked with Leaders in different businesses across the world to help them to connect to their Purpose and Vision and to develop skills in Self-Mastery, our experience has led to the following philosophy:

  • effective leaders continuously journey within to develop a deep level of self-awareness and to connect to their inner knowing; and, they are able to help others to do the same
  • effective leaders are able to create close relationships with others which are founded on respect, curiosity and humility
  • leadership requires courage - to disagree, to speak the unspeakable, to know one's truth and be able to hear the truth of the other
  • leadership requires that individuals create the right environments to enable opportunities to emerge which serve the greater whole
  • the most effective leaders are able to deeply observe the system in which they operate, in the widest sense possible

Our intention is to help leaders, whether as individuals or as leadership teams, to be clear and conscious about their own abilities in each of these areas, and to support them to further develop.