Our Reputation

We seek a reputation which matches our values of Authenticity, Collaboration, Kindness and Service. 

Here are some comments from our clients which we hope give you some insight of how we work:

Lisa, you continue to receive unanimously glowing feedback from all participants. Your contribution to the programme since its inception has been invaluable and we appreciate everything that you have done on a professional and personal level to get the programme to where it is today.
Kellie Jenkins, Director of the Ulysses Leadership Development programme, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

I have worked with Lisa on many different occasions, both when she was my client and more recently as an associate of Practive when she has worked with us as a facilitator and coach. Lisa brings great insight, energy, experience and 100% commitment to everything that she does. She is fantastic at building relationships and highly skilled in facilitating learning and development, both one-to-one and in groups. I always enjoy working with Lisa enormously - she's engaging, warm and creative - and also just great fun (when appropriate of course!).
Philippa Williams, Co-founder and Director, Practive

Lisa is a highly-experienced coach and facilitator, with a wide range of interests and knowledge that she draws on to support of the learning and growth of her clients. Lisa is someone who lives her values, and can be counted on to work with integrity and openness.
James Butcher, Director, Work Without Walls

Lisa is an excellent coach. She has exceptional interpersonal skills, particularly listening, empathising and reflecting, but most importantly never loses sight of the business objectives that underpin the coaching programme. Furthermore, she is prepared to challenge me on a wide range of issues as they arise in the coaching sessions. From a personal perspective, Lisa was instrumental in helping me to develop my own listening and personal presentation skills, amongst others, leading to a major promotion last year. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a professional coach for personal and business development.
Steve Russell, Partner, PwC London.

Alchemy Consulting is a very professional organisation. Great insight into our organisation and our values as well as great personal skills.
Nursing Director, National Health Service (NHS), UK.